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onRF51 Series
|oCommon Application LibrariesCommon source code that could be used for both nRF51422 and nRF51822 applications
||oApplication TimerApplication timer functionality
||oButton HandlerButtons handling module
||oCommon application error handlerCommon application error handler and macros for utilizing a common error handler
||oFIFO implementationFIFO implementation
||oGPIOTE HandlerGPIOTE handler module
||oHCI TransportHCI transport module implementation
||oMemory poolMemory pool implementation
||oSLIP moduleSLIP layer for supporting packet framing in HCI transport
||oSchedulerThe scheduler is used for transferring execution from the interrupt context to the main context
||oUART moduleUART module implementation
||\Utility Functions and DefinitionsVarious types and definitions available to all applications
|oDriversPeripheral drivers to be used with all devices
||oAES ECB encryptionDriver for the nRF51 AES Electronic Code Book (ECB) peripheral
||oGPIO abstractionGPIO pin abstraction and port abstraction for reading and writing byte-wise to GPIO ports
||oGPIOTE abstractionGPIOTE abstraction for configuration of channels
||oNon-volatile memory controllerDriver for the nRF51 NVMC peripheral
||oSimple UART driverSimple UART driver
||oSoftware controlled SPI Master driverSoftware controlled SPI Master driver
||oSoftware controlled TWI Master driverSoftware controlled TWI Master driver
||\TEMP (temperature) abstractionTemperature module init and read functions
|\SetupsHardware configurations with different boards
|oExamplesExamples for nRF51422 device
||oPCA10003Examples for PCA10003 evaluation kit
||\nRF6310Examples for nRF6310 motherboard
|\LibrariesNRF51422 device specific libraries
| \S210 SoftdeviceApplication Programming Interface for S210 SoftDevice
 oBluetooth ServicesModules implementing GATT services and characteristics
 |o'Common service definitions'Constants, type definitions and functions that are common to all services
 |oAlert Notification Service ClientAlert Notification module
 |oBLE Date Time characteristic typeDefinition of ble_date_time_t type
 |oBattery ServiceBattery Service module
 |oBlood Pressure ServiceBlood Pressure Service module
 |oCycling Speed and Cadence ServiceCycling Speed and Cadence Service module
 |oDevice Firmware Update ServiceDevice Firmware Update Service
 |oDevice Information ServiceDevice Information Service module
 |oGlucose Database ServiceGlucose Service module
 |oGlucose ServiceGlucose Service module
 |oHealth Thermometer ServiceHealth Thermometer Service module
 |oHeart Rate ServiceHeart Rate Service module
 |oHuman Interface Device ServiceHuman Interface Device Service module
 |oImmediate Alert ServiceImmediate Alert Service module
 |oImmediate Alert Service ClientImmediate Alert Service Client module
 |oLink Loss ServiceLink Loss Service module
 |oRunning Speed and Cadence ServiceRunning Speed and Cadence Service module
 |oSpeed and Cadence Control PointSpeed and Cadence Control Point module
 |\TX Power ServiceTX Power Service module
 oExamplesExamples for nRF51822 device
 |oPCA10000Examples for PCA10000 USB dongle
 |oPCA10001Examples for PCA10001 evaluation kit
 |\nRF6310Examples for nRF6310 motherboard
 oLibrariesNRF51822 device specific libraries
 |oBluetooth LibrariesLibrary modules containing functionality which is commonly used by Bluetooth applications
 |oEnhanced ShockBurstApplication Programming Interface for Enhanced ShockBurst library
 |oGazellApplication Programming Interface for Gazell libraries
 |\S110 SoftDeviceApplication Programming Interface for S110 SoftDevice
 \User GuidesUser guides for various libraries for nRF51822 device
  oEnhanced ShockBurst User GuideUser Guide for Enhanced ShockBurst library
  oGazell Link Layer User GuideUser Guide for Gazell Link Layer library
  \Gazell Pairing User GuideUser Guide for Gazell Pairing library