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nRF51 Series Software Development Kit v4.4.2

The nRF51 Series Software Development Kit (SDK) provides software documentation including SoftDevices, reference material, and example profiles and applications to assist you with product development using Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51 Series of System on Chip (SoC) devices.

nRF51422  ANT™ Development
The nRF51 Series SDK contains ANT example profiles and applications for ANT SoC product development with the S210 SoftDevice on nRF51422 IC. Our solution is an ideal fit for a wide range of ultra-low power wireless sensor network applications including wireless sensors and hubs for sports, fitness, and healthcare products.

nRF51822  Bluetooth® and 2.4 GHz Proprietary Development
The nRF51822 is a powerful, highly flexible multi-protocol SoC ideally suited for Bluetooth® low energy and 2.4 GHz ultra-low power wireless applications. The nRF51822 is built around a 32 bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU with 256 kB flash + 16 kB RAM. The embedded 2.4 GHz transceiver supports Bluetooth low energy as well as 2.4 GHz operation, where the 2.4 GHz mode is on-air compatible with the nRF24L series products from Nordic Semiconductor.

Bluetooth low energy
Bluetooth Smart SoC products can be developed with the S110 SoftDevice and nRF51822 IC. Profile and application design documentation is included to help transform these examples into working code for your product. Our unique software architecture delivers a complete Bluetooth low energy protocol stack as a robust, pre-qualified SoftDevice and application source code implementing profiles and services.

2.4 GHz proprietary
Multiprotocol and proprietary application development can be based on Nordic Semiconductor's own Gazell and Enhanced ShockBurst™ protocol reference code and application examples.

Gazell for the nRF51 Series is a lightweight, low power, and easy-to-use protocol with advanced coexistence features especially suited for wireless desktop products and other power sensitive wireless applications. It is on-air compatible with Gazell on Nordic's nRF24Lxx ICs and can share an nRF518 series device with a Nordic Bluetooth low energy SoftDevice.

Enhanced ShockBurst™
Enhanced ShockBurst (ESB) for the nRF51 series is a simple, lightweight protocol, that is on-air compatible with Nordic's nRF24Lxx devices. ESB for the nRF51 Series provides a simple upgrade path for nRF24Lxx based applications.

View Nordic Semiconductor's License agreement and the nRF51 Series SDK Release notes.