Developing with nPM1300 EK

The nRF Connect SDK provides support for development with the nPM1300 Power Management IC (PMIC), using the nPM1300 EK (PCA10152).

To get started with your nPM1300 EK, follow the steps in the Getting started with nPM1300 EK section. If you are not familiar with the nRF Connect SDK and its development environment, see the Installation and Configuration and building documentation.

Importing an overlay from nPM PowerUP

The nPM PowerUP application supports exporting a full configuration of the nPM1300 in devicetree overlay format. You can use this exported overlay file to quickly configure the nPM1300 in your application.

If there is no overlay file for your project, include the file directly in your application folder with the name app.overlay.

If an overlay already exists, append the contents of the generated overlay to the existing file.

For more information about devicetree overlays, see Use devicetree overlays.