To set up the nRF Connect SDK, follow the installation instructions for your preferred development environment: Visual Studio Code or command line.

When you install the nRF Connect SDK, you set up the following SDK structure of inter-connected Git repositories that are part of the nrfconnect GitHub organization:

The simplified |NCS| repository structure

The simplified nRF Connect SDK repository structure

These repositories include software developed by Nordic Semiconductor and open source projects. Their versions form the SDK’s code base and are managed using Zephyr’s west tool.

All repositories with the prefix sdk contain the nRF Connect SDK firmware and code. You can read more about repository types and what they include in the nRF Connect SDK code base section of the documentation.

Each repository has a revision, which is determined by the current revision of the main repository sdk-nrf. This repository is the manifest repository, because it contains the SDK’s west manifest file (see the file in the repository) that lists all the SDK’s repositories and their revisions (which is also listed on the nRF Connect SDK repository revisions page).


If you want to go through a dedicated training to familiarize yourself with the basic functionalities of the nRF Connect SDK, enroll in the nRF Connect SDK Fundamentals course in the Nordic Developer Academy.