Releases and maturity

The nRF Connect SDK receives regular releases, which introduce new components or fix issues in existing features. Every release consists of a combination of all included repositories at different revisions.

The versioning scheme adopted is similar to Semantic versioning, but with important semantic differences:

  • Every release of the nRF Connect SDK is identified with a version string in the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.

  • Between two releases, 99 is added in place of PATCH to indicate ongoing development.

  • When a new functionality is introduced in the development state, devN postfix can be added at the end of the version number.

To learn more about the versioning and the release criteria of the nRF Connect SDK, read Versions and revisions.

Each new release comes with its own Release notes and can also change the Software maturity levels of the existing components.

If an issue is found in a release after it has taken place, those issues are listed on the Known issues page.