Getting started with nPM1300 EK

This section gets you started with your nPM1300 Evaluation Kit (EK) using the nRF Connect SDK. It tells you how to build and flash the nPM1300: Fuel gauge sample and perform a quick test of your EK.

If this is your first time developing with a Nordic DK, read the appropriate getting started tutorial first:

Minimum requirements

Make sure you have all the required hardware and that your computer has one of the supported operating systems.


  • One of the following development kits:

    • nRF52 DK

    • nRF52840 DK

    • nRF5340 DK

    • nRF9120 DK

  • nPM1300 EK

  • A suitable battery

  • Micro-USB 2.0 cable

  • USB-C charger

  • Jumper wires


On your computer, one of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows

  • macOS

  • Ubuntu Linux

The operating system versions that support the nRF Connect SDK tools are listed in the Supported operating systems section.

Installing the required software

Install nRF Connect for Desktop. After installing and starting the application, install the Programmer app.

Building and programming the sample

Follow the detailed instructions in the nPM1300: Fuel gauge sample documentation to build the sample and flash it to the DK.

Testing the sample

When the fuel gauge software has connected successfully to the PMIC on the EK, it will display the following status information:

PMIC device ok
V: 4.101, I: 0.000, T: 23.06, SoC: 93.09, TTE: nan, TTF: nan

Next steps

You have now completed getting started with the nPM1300 EK. See the following links for where to go next: