Working with nRF54L Series


All software for the nRF54L15 SoC is experimental and hardware availability is restricted to the participants in the limited sampling program.

Zephyr and the nRF Connect SDK provide support and contain board definitions for developing on the following nRF54L Series device:


PCA number

Build target


nRF54L15 PDK


nrf54l15pdk/nrf54l15/cpuapp for the PDK revision v0.2.1, AB0-ES7 (Engineering A).
nrf54l15pdk@0.3.0/nrf54l15/cpuapp for the PDK revisions v0.3.0 and v0.7.0 (Engineering A).


The v0.2.1 revision of the nRF54L15 PDK has Button 3 and Button 4 connected to GPIO port 2 that do not support interrupts. The workaround for this issue is enabled by default with the CONFIG_DK_LIBRARY_BUTTON_NO_ISR Kconfig option, but it increases the overall power consumption of the system.