Swift Pair module

The Swift Pair module is used to enable or disable the Swift Pair Bluetooth advertising payload depending on the selected Bluetooth peer (used local identity). The module distinguishes between the dongle peer and the general Bluetooth peers.

Module events

Source Module

Input Event

This Module

Output Event

Sink Module

Bluetooth LE bond module



Bluetooth LE bond module



See the Application overview for more information about the event-based communication in the nRF Desktop application and about how to read this table.


To use the Swift Pair module, you must enable the following Kconfig options:

Set the CONFIG_DESKTOP_SWIFT_PAIR Kconfig option to enable the module. This option automatically selects the CONFIG_DESKTOP_BLE_DONGLE_PEER_ID_INFO Kconfig option to enable the dongle peer ID information event.

Implementation details

The module is an early subscriber for ble_peer_operation_event. This allows the module to enable or disable the Swift Pair advertising payload just before the Bluetooth advertising starts.

The module is a subscriber for ble_dongle_peer_event. This allows the module to track the application local identity of the dongle peer.