Matter bridge

The Matter bridge application can be used to build a bridge device using the Matter application layer. The bridge device allows the use of non-Matter devices in a Matter fabric by exposing them as Matter endpoints. The devices on the non-Matter side of the Matter bridge are called bridged devices.

The Matter bridge device works as a Matter accessory device, meaning it can be paired and controlled remotely over a Matter network built on top of a low-power 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) network.

Currently the Matter bridge application supports the following types of bridged devices:

  • Bluetooth® LE peripheral devices - Devices that operate on real data (such as sensor measurements or lighting state).

  • Simulated devices - Devices that interact with the bridge by using data fabricated programmatically by the software.

Note that, in addition to already implemented bridged devices, the Matter bridge architecture allows you to add support for other devices that run over diverse connectivity technologies, such as Zigbee or Bluetooth® Mesh. To learn more details about supported bridged devices, refer to the Bridged device support section of Matter bridge application guide.

See the subpages for how to use the application and how to extend it.