nRF5340 Audio applications

The nRF5340 Audio applications demonstrate audio playback over isochronous channels (ISO) using LC3 codec compression and decompression, as per Bluetooth® LE Audio specifications.


nRF5340 Audio applications and their DFU/FOTA functionality are marked as experimental.

The following table summarizes the differences between the available nRF5340 Audio applications.

Differences between nRF5340 Audio applications

Application name (LE Audio role)

Application mode

Minimum amount of nRF5340 Audio DKs recommended for testing

FEM support

Broadcast sink

BIS (headset)


Broadcast source

BIS (gateway)


Unicast client

CIS (gateway)


Unicast server

CIS (headset)


See the subpages for detailed documentation of each of the nRF5340 applications and their internal modules: