nRF51 SDK - S110 SoftDevice
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oGetting Started
|oRunning a first example
|oRunning examples that use a SoftDevice
|oRunning a serialized application
|\Using the SDK with other boards
oHardware Drivers
|oSPI Master
|\SPI Slave
|oBLE libraries
|oBLE Services
|oBLE Serialization
|oRTOS support
|oTransport Services
|oSoftDevice Handler LibraryThis library is used for initializing and disabling the SoftDevice and also propagating SoftDevice events to the application
|oButton handling library
|oFIFO library
|oSchedule handling libraryThe scheduler is used for transferring execution from the interrupt context to the main context
|oTimer library
|oGPIOTE handling library
|oFlash handling library
|oGazell Pairing library
|oPersistent Storage Manager
|oDebug Logger
|\Error module
|oBLE Peripheral
|oBLE Bootloader/DFU
|oDirect Test Mode
|oHardware Peripheral Examples
|oNordic proprietary protocols
|\BSP indication states
\User Guides
 oGazell Link Layer User Guide
 oGazell Pairing User Guide
 \Enhanced ShockBurst User Guide