nRF51 SDK - S110 SoftDevice
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onRF51 SDKApplication Programming Interface for Common Libraries, BLE Libraries, and BLE Services
|oDatabase DiscoveryDatabase discovery module
|oPeripheral Drivers
|oBLE Services
|oBLE Libraries
|oBLE Serialization
|oSDK Common Libraries
|oBootloader/DFU API
|\Experimental Libraries
oS110 (BLE peripheral)Application Programming Interface for S110 SoftDevice
|oBLE SoftDevice CommonType definitions, macros, error codes, SVC and event number subranges etc. common to all S110 SoftDevice modules
|oGeneric Access Profile (GAP)Definitions and prototypes for the GAP interface
|oGeneric Attribute Profile (GATT) ClientDefinitions and prototypes for the GATT Client interface
|oGeneric Attribute Profile (GATT) CommonCommon definitions and prototypes for the GATT interfaces
|oGeneric Attribute Profile (GATT) ServerDefinitions and prototypes for the GATTS interface
|oLogical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP)Definitions and prototypes for the L2CAP interface
|oSoftDevice Manager APIAPIs for SoftDevice management
|oSoftDevice Global Error CodesGlobal Error definitions
|oSoC Library APIAPIs for the SoC library
|\Master Boot Record APIAPIs for updating SoftDevice and BootLoader
\Proprietary stacksApplication Programming Interface for proprietary protocols
 oCommonType definitions, macros, error codes, common to all proprietary modules
 oEnhanced ShockBurstEnhanced ShockBurst Application Programming Interface (API)
 oGazell Link LayerGazell Link Layer Application Programming Interface (API)
 \Gazell PairingGazell Pairing API