nRF51 SDK - S210 SoftDevice
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onRF51 SDKApplication Programming Interface for Common Libraries, BLE Libraries, and BLE Services
|oANT+ Profiles
||oANT Broadcast examplesBasic example to test ANT connectivity between Master and Slave
||oANT HRM examplesMaster and Slave example implementation of Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) profile
||oANT SDM examplesMaster and Slave example implementation of Stride and Distance Monitor (SDM) profile
|||oANT Stride and Distance Monitor (SDM) RX example
|||\ANT Stride and Distance Monitor (SDM) TX example
||oANT-FS client device simulatorANT-FS client device simulator example illustrates the basic operations of an ANT-FS client
||oANT bicycle power examplesANT bicycle power minimum receiver example
||\ANT bicycle speed and cadenceANT bicycle speed and cadence example
|oPeripheral Drivers
||oADNS2080 driverADNS2080 mouse sensor driver
||oCherry 8x16 keyboard matrix driverCherry 8x16 keyboard matrix driver
||oDS1624 digital temperature sensor driverDS1624 digital temperature sensor driver
||oMPU6050 gyro/accelerometer driverMPU6050 gyro/accelerometer driver
||oSynaptics Touchpad driver.Synaptics Touchpad driver
||oAES ECB encryptionDriver for the nRF51 AES Electronic Code Book (ECB) peripheral
||oGPIO abstractionGPIO pin abstraction and port abstraction for reading and writing byte-wise to GPIO ports
||oGPIOTE abstractionGPIOTE abstraction for configuration of channels
||oNon-volatile memory controllerDriver for the nRF51 NVMC peripheral
||oTEMP (temperature) abstractionTemperature module init and read functions
||oSDIO driver2-wire serial interface driver
||oSimple UART driverSimple UART driver
||oSPI Master driverSPI master driver
||oSoftware controlled SPI Slave driver.Software controlled SPI Slave driver
||\Software controlled TWI Master driverSoftware controlled TWI Master driver
|\SDK Common Libraries
| oPersistent Storage InterfaceAbstracted flash interface
| |oPersistent Storage Access Operation CodesPersistent Storage Access Operation Codes. These are used to report any error during a persistent storage access operation or any general error that may occur in the interface
| |oPersistent Memory Interface Data TypesData Types needed for interfacing with persistent memory
| |\Persistent Storage Access RoutinesFunctions/Interface SDK modules use to persistently store data
| oUART moduleUART module interface
| oButton HandlerButtons handling module
| oFIFO implementationFIFO implementation
| oGPIOTE HandlerGPIOTE handler module
| oMemory poolMemory pool implementation
| |\Memory Pool InternalMemory pool internal definitions
| oSLIP moduleSLIP layer for supporting packet framing in HCI transport
| oHCI TransportHCI transport module implementation
| |\CRC computeThis module implements the CRC-16 calculation in the blocks
| oSchedulerThe scheduler is used for transferring execution from the interrupt context to the main context
| oApplication TimerApplication timer functionality
| oDebug LoggerEnables debug logs/ trace over UART
| oCommon application error handlerCommon application error handler and macros for utilizing a common error handler
| oUtility Functions and DefinitionsVarious types and definitions available to all applications
| oUtility Functions and Definitions (Platform)Various types and definitions available to all applications when using SoftDevice
| oSDK Error codes
| |oBase defined for SDK Modules
| |oCodes reserved as identification for module where the error occurred.
| |oCodes reserved as identification for common errors.
| |\Error / status codes specific to device manager.
| \Board Support PackageBSP module
\S210 (ANT)Application Programming Interface for S210 SoftDevice
 oANT STACKAPIs for the ANT Stack
 |\ANT Application InterfaceANT Stack Application Programming Interface (API)
 | oANT Error Return
 | \ANT Stack Parameters
 oSoC Library APIAPIs for the SoC library
 |oSoC Library Error CodesError definitions for the SoC library
 oSoftDevice Manager APIAPIs for SoftDevice management
 |oSoftDevice Manager Error CodesError definitions for the SDM API
 oSoftDevice Global Error CodesGlobal Error definitions
 |\Error Codes Base number definitions
 \Master Boot Record APIAPIs for updating SoftDevice and BootLoader