nRF51 SDK - S210 SoftDevice
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCapp_button_cfg_tButton configuration structure
oCapp_fifo_tA FIFO instance structure. Keeps track of which bytes to read and write next. Also it keeps the information about which memory is allocated for the buffer and its size. This needs to be initialized by app_fifo_init() before use
oCapp_uart_buffers_tUART buffer for transmitting/receiving data
oCapp_uart_comm_params_tUART communication structure holding configuration settings for the peripheral
oCapp_uart_evt_tStruct containing events from the UART module
oChci_slip_evt_tStructure containing an event from the SLIP layer
oChci_transport_evt_tStruct containing events from the Transport layer
oCnrf_ecb_hal_data_tAES ECB data structure
oCnrf_radio_request_earliest_tParameters for a request for a timeslot as early as possible
oCnrf_radio_request_normal_tParameters for a normal radio request
oCnrf_radio_request_tRadio request parameters
oCnrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_tReturn parameters of the radio timeslot signal callback
oCpin_transition_tPin transition direction struct
oCsd_mbr_command_compare_tThis command works like memcmp, but takes the length in words
oCsd_mbr_command_copy_bl_tThis command copies a new BootLoader. With this command, destination of BootLoader is always the address written in NRF_UICR->BOOTADDR
oCsd_mbr_command_copy_sd_tThis command copies part of a new SoftDevice The destination area is erased before copying. If dst is in the middle of a flash page, that whole flash page will be erased. If (dst+len) is in the middle of a flash page, that whole flash page will be erased
oCsd_mbr_command_vector_table_base_set_tSets the base address of the interrupt vector table for interrupts forwarded from the MBR
oCspi_master_config_tStruct containing configuration parameters of the SPI master
oCspi_master_evt_tStruct containing parameters of the SPI MASTER event
oCspi_slave_config_tSPI peripheral device configuration data
oCspi_slave_evt_tStruct containing event context from the SPI slave driver
\Cuint8_array_tByte array type