Diagnostic functionality

The Modem library integration layer in nRF Connect SDK provides some memory diagnostic functionality that is enabled by the CONFIG_NRF_MODEM_LIB_MEM_DIAG option.

The application can retrieve runtime statistics for the library and TX memory region heaps by enabling the CONFIG_NRF_MODEM_LIB_MEM_DIAG option and calling the nrf_modem_lib_diag_stats_get() function. The application can schedule a periodic report of the runtime statistics of the library and TX memory region heaps, by enabling the CONFIG_NRF_MODEM_LIB_MEM_DIAG_DUMP option. The application can log the allocations on the Modem library heap and the TX memory region by enabling the CONFIG_NRF_MODEM_LIB_MEM_DIAG_ALLOC option.