Libraries for Zigbee

Zigbee is a portable, low-power software networking protocol that provides connectivity over an 802.15.4-based mesh network. See the Zigbee user guide for an overview of the technology.

Zigbee libraries are a set of components that can be directly reused in Zigbee applications. They implement the default behavior of a Zigbee device and are used in Zigbee samples in this SDK.

The following table lists libraries enabled by default for each available Zigbee sample (✔) or available through a configuration file (**):

Library name

Light bulb

Light switch

Network coordinator


Shell (sample)



Shell (library)

Application utilities (default signal handler)

Error handler



Endpoint logger

Scene helper

Read the table symbols in the following manner:

  • - The library is enabled by default for the given Zigbee sample.

  • ** - The library support is available through the prj_fota.conf file for the given Zigbee sample.

  • No symbol - The library is not enabled for the given sample, but you can enable support by following the instructions on the Configuring Zigbee libraries in nRF Connect SDK.