nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCant_evt_tANT stack event type
oCapp_button_cfg_tButton configuration structure
oCapp_fifo_tA FIFO instance structure. Keeps track of which bytes to read and write next. Also it keeps the information about which memory is allocated for the buffer and its size. This needs to be initialized by app_fifo_init() before use
oCapp_uart_buffers_tUART buffer for transmitting/receiving data
oCapp_uart_comm_params_tUART communication structure holding configuration settings for the peripheral
oCapp_uart_evt_tStruct containing events from the UART module
oCble_bas_c_evt_tBattery Service Client Event structure
oCble_bas_c_init_tBattery Service Client initialization structure
oCble_bas_c_sBattery Service Client structure
oCble_common_evt_tEvent structure for events not associated with a specific function module
oCble_common_opt_radio_cpu_mutex_tMutual exclusion of radio activity and CPU execution
oCble_common_opt_tOption structure for common options
oCble_date_time_tDate and Time structure
oCble_db_discovery_char_tStructure for holding the characteristic and the handle of its CCCD found during the discovery process
oCble_db_discovery_evt_tStructure containing the event from the DB discovery module to the application
oCble_db_discovery_srv_tStructure for holding information about the service and the characteristics found during the discovery process
oCble_db_discovery_tStructure for holding the information related to the GATT database at the server
oCble_enable_params_tBLE GATTS init options
oCble_error_log_data_tError Log Data structure
oCble_evt_hdr_tBLE Event header
oCble_evt_tCommon BLE Event type, wrapping the module specific event reports
oCble_evt_tx_complete_tTX complete event
oCble_evt_user_mem_release_tEvent structure for BLE_EVT_USER_MEM_RELEASE
oCble_evt_user_mem_request_tEvent structure for BLE_EVT_USER_MEM_REQUEST
oCble_gap_addr_tBluetooth Low Energy address
oCble_gap_adv_ch_mask_tChannel mask for RF channels used in advertising and scanning
oCble_gap_adv_params_tGAP advertising parameters
oCble_gap_conn_params_tGAP connection parameters
oCble_gap_conn_sec_mode_tGAP link requirements
oCble_gap_conn_sec_tGAP connection security status
oCble_gap_enable_params_tBLE GAP init options
oCble_gap_enc_info_tGAP Encryption Information
oCble_gap_enc_key_tEncryption Key
oCble_gap_evt_adv_report_tEvent data for advertising report event
oCble_gap_evt_auth_key_request_tEvent data for authentication key request event
oCble_gap_evt_auth_status_tEvent data for authentication status event
oCble_gap_evt_conn_param_update_request_tEvent data for connection parameter update request event
oCble_gap_evt_conn_param_update_tEvent data for connection parameter update event
oCble_gap_evt_conn_sec_update_tEvent data for connection security update event
oCble_gap_evt_connected_tEvent data for connected event
oCble_gap_evt_disconnected_tEvent data for disconnected event
oCble_gap_evt_passkey_display_tEvent data for passkey display event
oCble_gap_evt_rssi_changed_tEvent data for advertisement report event
oCble_gap_evt_scan_req_report_tEvent data for scan request report events
oCble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_tEvent data for security info request event
oCble_gap_evt_sec_params_request_tEvent data for security parameters request event
oCble_gap_evt_sec_request_tEvent data for security request event
oCble_gap_evt_tGAP event callback event structure
oCble_gap_evt_timeout_tEvent data for timeout event
oCble_gap_id_key_tIdentity Key
oCble_gap_irk_tIdentity Resolving Key
oCble_gap_master_id_tGAP Master Identification
oCble_gap_opt_ch_map_tChannel Map option. Used with sd_ble_opt_get to get the current channel map or sd_ble_opt_set to set a new channel map. When setting the channel map, it applies to all current and future connections. When getting the current channel map, it applies to a single connection and the connection handle must be supplied
oCble_gap_opt_compat_mode_tCompatibility mode option
oCble_gap_opt_local_conn_latency_tLocal connection latency option
oCble_gap_opt_passkey_tPasskey Option
oCble_gap_opt_privacy_tCustom Privacy Option
oCble_gap_opt_scan_req_report_tScan request report option
oCble_gap_opt_tOption structure for GAP options
oCble_gap_scan_params_tGAP scanning parameters
oCble_gap_sec_kdist_tKeys that can be exchanged
oCble_gap_sec_keys_tSecurity Keys
oCble_gap_sec_keyset_tSecurity key set (both Peripheral and Central keys). Note that when distributing Bluetooth addresses pertaining to the local device those will have to be filled in by the user
oCble_gap_sec_levels_tSecurity levels supported
oCble_gap_sec_params_tGAP security parameters
oCble_gap_sign_info_tGAP Signing Information
oCble_gap_whitelist_tWhitelist structure
oCble_gatt_char_ext_props_tGATT Characteristic Extended Properties
oCble_gatt_char_props_tGATT Characteristic Properties
oCble_gattc_char_tGATT characteristic
oCble_gattc_desc_tGATT descriptor
oCble_gattc_evt_char_disc_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_DISC_RSP
oCble_gattc_evt_char_val_by_uuid_read_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_VAL_BY_UUID_READ_RSP
oCble_gattc_evt_char_vals_read_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_VALS_READ_RSP
oCble_gattc_evt_desc_disc_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_DESC_DISC_RSP
oCble_gattc_evt_hvx_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_HVX
oCble_gattc_evt_prim_srvc_disc_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_PRIM_SRVC_DISC_RSP
oCble_gattc_evt_read_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_READ_RSP
oCble_gattc_evt_rel_disc_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_REL_DISC_RSP
oCble_gattc_evt_tGATTC event type
oCble_gattc_evt_timeout_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_TIMEOUT
oCble_gattc_evt_write_rsp_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_WRITE_RSP
oCble_gattc_handle_range_tOperation Handle Range
oCble_gattc_handle_value_tGATT read by UUID handle value pair
oCble_gattc_include_tGATT include
oCble_gattc_service_tGATT service
oCble_gattc_write_params_tWrite Parameters
oCble_gatts_attr_context_tGATT Attribute Context
oCble_gatts_attr_md_tAttribute metadata
oCble_gatts_attr_tGATT Attribute
oCble_gatts_char_handles_tGATT Characteristic Definition Handles
oCble_gatts_char_md_tGATT Characteristic metadata
oCble_gatts_char_pf_tGATT Characteristic Presentation Format
oCble_gatts_enable_params_tBLE GATTS init options
oCble_gatts_evt_hvc_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_HVC
oCble_gatts_evt_read_tEvent structure for authorize read request
oCble_gatts_evt_rw_authorize_request_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_RW_AUTHORIZE_REQUEST
oCble_gatts_evt_sys_attr_missing_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_SYS_ATTR_MISSING
oCble_gatts_evt_tGATT Server event callback event structure
oCble_gatts_evt_timeout_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_TIMEOUT
oCble_gatts_evt_write_tEvent structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_WRITE
oCble_gatts_hvx_params_tGATT HVx parameters
oCble_gatts_read_authorize_params_tGATT Read Authorization parameters
oCble_gatts_rw_authorize_reply_params_tGATT Read or Write Authorize Reply parameters
oCble_gatts_value_tGATT Attribute Value
oCble_gatts_write_authorize_params_tGATT Write Authorisation parameters
oCble_hrm_tStructure containing the heart rate measurement received from the peer
oCble_hrs_c_evt_tHeart Rate Event structure
oCble_hrs_c_init_tHeart Rate Client initialization structure
oCble_hrs_c_sHeart Rate Client structure
oCble_l2cap_evt_rx_tL2CAP Received packet event report
oCble_l2cap_evt_tL2CAP event callback event structure
oCble_l2cap_header_tPacket header format for L2CAP transmission
oCble_opt_tCommon BLE Option type, wrapping the module specific options
oCble_srv_cccd_security_mode_tSecurity settings structure
oCble_srv_report_ref_tValue of a Report Reference descriptor
oCble_srv_security_mode_tSecurity settings structure
oCble_srv_utf8_str_tUTF-8 string data type
oCble_user_mem_block_tUser Memory Block
oCble_uuid128_t128 bit UUID values
oCble_uuid_tBluetooth Low Energy UUID type, encapsulates both 16-bit and 128-bit UUIDs
oCble_version_tVersion Information
oCdevice_handleDevice Handle used for unique identification of each peer
oCdm_application_param_tApplication Registration Parameters
oCdm_context_tDefinition of Data Context
oCdm_enc_keyDevice Manager Master identification and encryption information
oCdm_event_param_tEvent parameters
oCdm_event_tAsynchronous events details notified to the application by the module
oCdm_id_keyDevice Manager identity and address information
oCdm_init_param_tInitialization Parameters
oCdm_sec_keysetSecurity keys
oCdm_sec_keyset_tDevice Manager security key set
oCdm_service_context_tService Context
oCdm_sign_keyDevice Manager signing information
oChci_slip_evt_tStructure containing an event from the SLIP layer
oChci_transport_evt_tStruct containing events from the Transport layer
oCnrf_adc_config_tAnalog-to-digital converter configuration
oCnrf_drv_clock_config_tStruct for Clock initialization. Thise parameters are used when SoftDevice is not present and low-frequency RC oscillator is selected
oCnrf_drv_lpcomp_config_tLPCOMP configuration
oCnrf_drv_qdec_config_tQDEC configuration structure
oCnrf_drv_qdec_event_tQDEC event handler structure
oCnrf_drv_qdec_report_data_evt_tQDEC report event data
oCnrf_drv_qdec_sample_data_evt_tQDEC sample event data
oCnrf_drv_rng_config_tStruct for RNG configuration
oCnrf_drv_rtc_config_tRTC driver instance configuration structure
oCnrf_drv_rtc_tRTC driver instance structure
oCnrf_drv_timer_config_tStruct for TIMER instance configuration
oCnrf_drv_timer_tStruct for TIMER instance
oCnrf_drv_wdt_config_tStruct for WDT initialization
oCnrf_ecb_hal_data_tAES ECB data structure
oCnrf_lpcomp_config_tLPCOMP configuration
oCnrf_radio_request_earliest_tParameters for a request for a timeslot as early as possible
oCnrf_radio_request_normal_tParameters for a normal radio request
oCnrf_radio_request_tRadio request parameters
oCnrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_tReturn parameters of the radio timeslot signal callback
oCpin_transition_tPin transition direction struct
oCsd_mbr_command_compare_tThis command works like memcmp, but takes the length in words
oCsd_mbr_command_copy_bl_tThis command copies a new BootLoader. With this command, destination of BootLoader is always the address written in NRF_UICR->BOOTADDR
oCsd_mbr_command_copy_sd_tThis command copies part of a new SoftDevice The destination area is erased before copying. If dst is in the middle of a flash page, that whole flash page will be erased. If (dst+len) is in the middle of a flash page, that whole flash page will be erased
oCsd_mbr_command_vector_table_base_set_tSets the base address of the interrupt vector table for interrupts forwarded from the MBR
oCspi_master_config_tStruct containing configuration parameters of the SPI master
oCspi_master_evt_tStruct containing parameters of the SPI MASTER event
oCspi_slave_config_tSPI peripheral device configuration data
oCspi_slave_evt_tStruct containing event context from the SPI slave driver
\Cuint8_array_tByte array type