nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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ble_gap_opt_privacy_t Struct Reference

Custom Privacy Option. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t interval_s

Detailed Description

Custom Privacy Option.

   This structure is used with both @ref sd_ble_opt_set (as input) and with
   @ref sd_ble_opt_get (as output).

   Structure containing:
   - A pointer to an IRK to set (if input), or a place to store a read IRK (if output).
   - A private address refresh cycle.
The specified address cycle interval is used when the address cycle mode is BLE_GAP_ADDR_CYCLE_MODE_AUTO. If 0 is given, the address will not be automatically refreshed at all. The default interval is BLE_GAP_DEFAULT_PRIVATE_ADDR_CYCLE_INTERVAL_S.
If the current address cycle mode is BLE_GAP_ADDR_CYCLE_MODE_AUTO, the address will immediately be refreshed when a custom privacy option is set. A new address can be generated manually by calling sd_ble_gap_address_set with the same type again.
If the IRK is updated, the new IRK becomes the one to be distributed in all bonding procedures performed after sd_ble_opt_set returns.
Return values
NRF_SUCCESSSet or read successfully.
NRF_ERROR_INVALID_ADDRThe pointer to IRK storage is invalid.

Field Documentation

uint16_t ble_gap_opt_privacy_t::interval_s

When input: Custom private address cycle interval in seconds. When output: The current private address cycle interval.

ble_gap_irk_t* ble_gap_opt_privacy_t::p_irk

When input: Pointer to custom IRK, or NULL to use/reset to the device's default IRK. When output: Pointer to where the current IRK is to be stored, or NULL to not read out the IRK.