nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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hci_slip_evt_t Struct Reference

Structure containing an event from the SLIP layer. More...

#include <hci_slip.h>

Data Fields

hci_slip_evt_type_t evt_type
const uint8_t * packet
uint32_t packet_length

Detailed Description

Structure containing an event from the SLIP layer.

Field Documentation

hci_slip_evt_type_t hci_slip_evt_t::evt_type

Type of event.

const uint8_t* hci_slip_evt_t::packet

This field contains a pointer to the packet for which the event relates, i.e. SLIP_TX_DONE: the packet transmitted, SLIP_RX_RDY: the packet received, SLIP_RX_OVERFLOW: The packet which overflow/or NULL if no receive buffer is available.

uint32_t hci_slip_evt_t::packet_length

Packet length, i.e. SLIP_TX_DONE: Bytes transmitted, SLIP_RX_RDY: Bytes received, SLIP_RX_OVERFLOW: index at which the packet overflowed.