nRF51 SDK - S310 SoftDevice
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oGetting Started
oHardware Drivers
|\SPI Master
|oBLE libraries
||oAdvertising Data Encoder
||oDebug Assert Handler
||oBLE Device Manager
||oConnection Parameters NegotiationModule for initiating and executing a connection parameters negotiation procedure
||oDTM - Direct Test Mode
||oError LogModule for writing error and stack to flash memory
||oRecord Access Control Point
||oRadio Notification Event Handler
||\Sensor Data SimulatorFunctions for simulating sensor data
|oBLE Services
||oAlert Notification Service Client
||oBattery Service
||oBlood Pressure Service
||oCycling Speed and Cadence Service
||oDevice Information Service
||oGlucose Service
||oHealth Thermometer Service
||oHeart Rate Service
||oHuman Interface Device Service
||oHuman Immediate Alert Service
||oHuman Immediate Alert Service Client
||oLink Loss Service
||oRunning Speed and Cadence Service
||\TX Power Service
|oTransport Services
||oHCI transport library
||oMemory pool library
||\SLIP handling librarySLIP layer for supporting packet framing in HCI transport
|oSoftDevice Handler LibraryThis library is used for initializing and disabling the SoftDevice and also propagating SoftDevice events to the application
|oButton handling library
|oFIFO library
|oSchedule handling libraryThe scheduler is used for transferring execution from the interrupt context to the main context
|oTimer library
|oGPIOTE handling library
|oFlash handling library
|oPersistent Storage Manager
|\Debug Logger
 oANT Slave & BLE Peripheral
 |\ANT and BLE Heart Rate Monitor Relay Application
 oDirect Test Mode
 \Hardware Peripheral Examples
  oBlinky Example
  oADNS2080 Mouse Sensor Driver Application
  oCherry8x16 Keyboard Application
  oButton Debouncer Example
  oFlash Write Example
  oGPIOTE Example
  onRF6350 Radio Configuration Example
  oRadio Receiver Example
  oRadio Transmitter Example
  oRadio Transmitter Example for PCA10001 Board
  oRadio Receiver Example for PCA10000 Board
  oRadio Transmitter Example for PCA10000 Board
  oRadio Receiver Example for PCA10001 Board
  oPin Change Interrupt Example
  oPPI Example
  oPWM example
  oPWM Analyzer Example
  oRadio Test Example
  oRAM Retention Example
  oRandom Number Generator Example
  oReal-time Clock Example
  oMotor Control Example
  oSPI master Loopback Example
  oSPI master example application to be used with the SPI slave example application
  oSPI slave example
  oTemperature Example
  oTimer Example
  oTWI Master Example
  oUART Example
  \UICR Config Example