nRF51 SDK - S310 SoftDevice
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ble_ans_c_evt_t Struct Reference

Alert Notification Event structure. More...

#include <ble_ans_c.h>

Data Fields

ble_ans_c_evt_type_t evt_type
ble_uuid_t uuid
union {
   ble_ans_alert_settings_t   settings
   ble_ans_alert_notification_t   alert
   uint32_t   error_code

Detailed Description

Alert Notification Event structure.

The structure contains the event that should be handled, as well as additional information.

Field Documentation

ble_ans_alert_notification_t ble_ans_c_evt_t::alert

Alert Notification data sent by the server.

uint32_t ble_ans_c_evt_t::error_code

Additional status/error code if the event was caused by a stack error or gatt status, e.g. during service discovery.

ble_ans_c_evt_type_t ble_ans_c_evt_t::evt_type

Type of event.

ble_ans_alert_settings_t ble_ans_c_evt_t::settings

Setting returned from server on read request.

ble_uuid_t ble_ans_c_evt_t::uuid

UUID of the event in case of an alert or notification.