nRF51 SDK - S310 SoftDevice
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ble_ans_alert_settings_t Struct Reference

Alert Notification Setting structure containing the supported alerts in the service. More...

#include <ble_ans_c.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t ans_simple_alert_support: 1
uint8_t ans_email_support: 1
uint8_t ans_news_support: 1
uint8_t ans_notification_call_support: 1
uint8_t ans_missed_call_support: 1
uint8_t ans_sms_mms_support: 1
uint8_t ans_voice_mail_support: 1
uint8_t ans_schedule_support: 1
uint8_t ans_high_prioritized_alert_support: 1
uint8_t ans_instant_message_support: 1
uint8_t reserved: 6

Detailed Description

Alert Notification Setting structure containing the supported alerts in the service.

The structure contains bit fields describing which alerts that are supported: 0 = Unsupported 1 = Supported

Field Documentation

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_email_support

Support for Alert when email messages arrives.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_high_prioritized_alert_support

Support for Alert that should be handled as high priority.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_instant_message_support

Support for Alert for incoming instant messages.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_missed_call_support

Support for Missed call.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_news_support

Support for News feeds such as RSS, Atom.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_notification_call_support

Support for Incoming call.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_schedule_support

Support for Alert occurred on calendar, planner.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_simple_alert_support

Support for General text alert or non-text alert.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_sms_mms_support

Support for SMS/MMS message arrives.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::ans_voice_mail_support

Support for Voice mail.

uint8_t ble_ans_alert_settings_t::reserved

Reserved for future use.