Developing with ZBOSS for Zigbee

Parsed APS header. More...

#include <zboss_api_aps.h>

Data Fields

zb_uint8_t fc
zb_uint16_t src_addr
zb_uint16_t dst_addr
zb_uint16_t group_addr
zb_uint8_t dst_endpoint
zb_uint8_t src_endpoint
zb_uint16_t clusterid
zb_uint16_t profileid
zb_uint8_t aps_counter
zb_uint16_t mac_src_addr
zb_uint16_t mac_dst_addr
zb_uint8_t lqi
zb_int8_t rssi
zb_bitfield_t aps_key_source:1
zb_bitfield_t aps_key_attrs:2
zb_bitfield_t aps_key_from_tc:1
zb_bitfield_t extended_fc:2
zb_bitfield_t reserved:2
zb_uint8_t tsn
zb_uint8_t block_num
zb_uint8_t block_ack

Detailed Description

Parsed APS header.

Field Documentation

◆ aps_counter

zb_uint8_t zb_aps_hdr_s::aps_counter

APS Counter for check APS dup command.

◆ aps_key_attrs

zb_bitfield_t zb_aps_hdr_s::aps_key_attrs

◆ aps_key_source

zb_bitfield_t zb_aps_hdr_s::aps_key_source

◆ block_ack

zb_uint8_t zb_aps_hdr_s::block_ack

Fragmentation: block ack.

◆ block_num

zb_uint8_t zb_aps_hdr_s::block_num

Fragmentation: block number.

◆ clusterid

zb_uint16_t zb_aps_hdr_s::clusterid

The identifier of the cluster on the source device.

◆ dst_addr

zb_uint16_t zb_aps_hdr_s::dst_addr

The destination address of the packet.

◆ dst_endpoint

zb_uint8_t zb_aps_hdr_s::dst_endpoint

The destination endpoint of the packet receiver.

◆ fc

zb_uint8_t zb_aps_hdr_s::fc

Frame control.

◆ group_addr

zb_uint16_t zb_aps_hdr_s::group_addr

If send to group then group address destination else 0.

◆ mac_dst_addr

zb_uint16_t zb_aps_hdr_s::mac_dst_addr

Next hop address used for frame transmission.

◆ mac_src_addr

zb_uint16_t zb_aps_hdr_s::mac_src_addr

Source address of device that transmit that packet.

◆ profileid

zb_uint16_t zb_aps_hdr_s::profileid

Profile ID

◆ src_addr

zb_uint16_t zb_aps_hdr_s::src_addr

Source address of packet originator.

◆ src_endpoint

zb_uint8_t zb_aps_hdr_s::src_endpoint

The source endpoint from which that packet was send.

◆ tsn

zb_uint8_t zb_aps_hdr_s::tsn

Transaction sequence number for ZDO/ZCL command.

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