Custom service template

The XYZ Service is a custom service that does something.


Explain what the service does in a few sentences. Focus on the main idea, not the details. More detailed information can be given in the sections for the characteristics of the service.

The XYZ Service is used in the insert link sample.

Service UUID

The 128-bit service UUID is UUID.


This service has X characteristics.

Name of the characteristic (UUID)


Add a subsection for each characteristic, and list the properties. Do not list properties that are not relevant.


This is what happens when you write to the characteristic.

Write Without Response
  • Write any data to the characteristic to do something.

  • Write 0 bytes to the characteristic to do something else.


The read operation returns 3*4 bytes (12 bytes) that contain sth:

  • 4 bytes unsigned: Bla

  • 4 bytes unsigned: Bla2

  • 4 bytes unsigned: Bla3


Information about what happens.

API documentation


If all source files are in one specific folder, add the folder name (even if there is only one source file). If there are unrelated source files in the same folder, add the file name.

Header file: include/.h
Source files: /


Remove the code block and replace with the name of the doxygen group that contains the API.

.. doxygengroup:: doxygen_group_name
   :project: nrf