SDFW: Service Framework Client

The sample demonstrates how Application and Radio core can request Secure Domain services. It uses the SDFW Service Framework (SSF).


The sample supports the following development kits:

Hardware platforms


Board name

Build target

nRF54H20 DK




nRF54H20 DK





The sample shows how to use Secure Domain services by invoking some of the available services. Available Secure Domain Services can be found in nrf/include/sdfw/sdfw_services. The service source files are located in nrf/subsys/sdfw_services/services.

Building and running

This sample can be found under samples/sdfw/ssf_client in the nRF Connect SDK folder structure.

To build the sample with Visual Studio Code, follow the steps listed on the How to build an application page in the nRF Connect for VS Code extension documentation. See Configuring and building an application for other building scenarios, Programming an application for programming steps, and Testing and optimization for general information about testing and debugging in the nRF Connect SDK.


After programming the sample to your development kit, complete the following steps to test it:

  1. Connect the kit to the computer using a USB cable. The kit is assigned a COM port (Windows) or ttyACM device (Linux), which is visible in the Device Manager.

  2. Connect to the kit with a terminal emulator (for example, nRF Connect Serial Terminal). See Testing and optimization for the required settings and steps.

  3. In the terminal, observe the responses to the different requests.


It sample uses the following sdk-nrfxlib library:

It uses the following Zephyr library:

The sample also uses drivers from nrfx.