BME68X IAQ driver

You can use the BME68X IAQ driver to run the Bosch Sensor Environmental Cluster (BSEC) library in order to get Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) readings.

The BSEC library is distributed with a Bosch proprietary license (BSEC license) that prevents it from being part of nRF Connect SDK. To start using it, you have to accept the license and enable the download with the following commands:

west config +bsec
west update

See BME680 for more information about BME680.

The BME68X: Gas Sensor sample demonstrates how to run this driver in an application.


To use the driver, configure the following Kconfig option:

API documentation

Header file: drivers/sensor/bme68x/bme68x_iaq.h
Source file: drivers/sensor/bme68x/bme68x_iaq.c