SM351LT: Magnetoresistive Sensor Example


This sample application periodically polls an SM351LT magnetoresistive sensor and displays if a magnet near to the sensor, via the console.


This sample uses the Honeywell SM351LT sensor.


For more information about the SM351LT magnetoresistive sensor see

Building and Running

The SM351LT (or compatible) sensors are available on the following boards:

Building on bt510

Laird Connectivity Sentrius BT510 Sensor includes a Honeywell SM351LT magnetoresistive sensor.

west build -b bt510 samples/sensor/sm351lt
west flash

Sample Output

Polling at 0.5 Hz
#1 @ 6 ms: 1
#2 @ 2007 ms: 0
#3 @ 4009 ms: 0
#4 @ 6010 ms: 1
#5 @ 8012 ms: 1