BME680: Integrated environmental sensor


This sample application periodically (every 3s) measures the ambient temperature in degrees Celsius, atmospheric pressure in kilopascal, relative humidity in percentage, and gas sensor resistance in ohms. The result is written to the console.



This sample uses the BME680 sensor controlled using the I2C interface. Connect Supply: VDD, VDDIO, GND and Interface: SDA, SCL. The supply voltage can be in the 1.8V to 3.6V range. Depending on the baseboard used, the SDA and SCL lines require Pull-Up resistors.

Building and Running

This project outputs sensor data to the console. It requires a BME680 sensor. It should work with any platform featuring a I2C peripheral interface. It does not work on QEMU. In this example below the nRF52840 DK board is used.

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b nrf52840dk_nrf52840 samples/sensor/bme680
west flash

Sample Output

Device 0x20002b74 name is BME680
T: 23.988877; P: 97.648568; H: 53.689533; G: 1035.211466
T: 24.168500; P: 97.648866; H: 53.565966; G: 1046.677896
T: 24.336533; P: 97.648596; H: 53.353663; G: 1058.656533
T: 24.589696; P: 97.648366; H: 53.958864; G: 1072.155863
T: 24.856631; P: 97.648322; H: 53.553669; G: 1096.448788

<repeats endlessly>