LIS2DH: Motion Sensor Monitor


This sample application periodically reads accelerometer data from the LIS2DH sensor (or the compatible LS2DH12, LIS3DH, and LSM303DLHC sensors), and displays the sensor data on the console.


This sample uses the LIS2DH, ST MEMS system-in-package featuring a 3D digital output motion sensor.


For more information about the LIS2DH motion sensor see

Building and Running

The LIS2DH2 or compatible sensors are available on a variety of boards and shields supported by Zephyr, including:

See the board documentation for detailed instructions on how to flash and get access to the console where acceleration data is displayed.

Building on actinius_icarus

Actinius Icarus includes an ST LIS2DH12 accelerometer which supports the LIS2DH interface.

west build -b actinius_icarus samples/sensor/lis2dh
west flash

Building on nucleo_l476rg with IKS01A2 shield

The X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2: MEMS Inertial and Environmental Multi sensor shield includes an LSM303AGR accelerometer which supports the LIS2DH interface. This shield may also be used on other boards with Arduino headers.

west build -b nucleo_l476rg samples/sensor/lis2dh -- -DSHIELD=x_nucleo_iks01a2
west flash

Sample Output

 Polling at 0.5 Hz
 #1 @ 12 ms: x -5.387328 , y 5.578368 , z -5.463744
 #2 @ 2017 ms: x -5.310912 , y 5.654784 , z -5.501952
 #3 @ 4022 ms: x -5.349120 , y 5.692992 , z -5.463744

<repeats endlessly every 2 seconds>