UART Driver Sample


This sample demonstrates how to use the UART serial driver with a simple echo bot. It reads data from the console and echoes the characters back after an end of line (return key) is received.

The polling API is used for sending data and the interrupt-driven API for receiving, so that in theory the thread could do something else while waiting for incoming data.

By default, the UART peripheral that is normally used for the Zephyr shell is used, so that almost every board should be supported.

Building and Running

Build and flash the sample as follows, changing nrf52840dk_nrf52840 for your board:

west build -b nrf52840dk_nrf52840 samples/drivers/uart/echo_bot
west flash

Sample Output

Hello! I\'m your echo bot.
Tell me something and press enter:
# Type e.g. "Hi there!" and hit enter!
Echo: Hi there!