Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface


This sample demonstrates how to use the Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (eSPI) API. It shows how to configure and select eSPI controller capabilities as part of a simple eSPI handshake that includes exchanging virtual wire packets.

Standard platform signals are sent virtual wire packets over the bus. Callbacks are registered that will write to the console indicating main eSPI events and when a virtual wire is received.

Building and Running

The sample can be built and executed on boards supporting eSPI. Any pins required for minimum eSPI handshake should be configured. Sample requires a correct harness and fixture setup. Please connect an eSPI device to the testing board. After that for the correct execution of that sample in twister, add into boards’s map-file next fixture settings:

- fixture: espi_device_connect

Sample output

Hello eSPI test!
eSPI test - I/O initialization...complete
eSPI slave configured successfully!
eSPI test - callbacks initialization... complete
eSPI test - callbacks registration... complete
eSPI test - Power initialization...complete
eSPI test - Handshake
eSPI BUS reset 0
VW channel is ready

PLT_RST changed 1
     1st phase completed
     2nd phase completed
     3rd phase completed

note:: The values shown above might differ.