Controller Area Network (CAN) Babbling Node


In a Controller Area Network a babbling node is a node continuously (and usually erroneously) transmitting CAN frames with identical - often high - priority. This constant babbling blocks CAN bus access for any CAN frame with lower priority as these frames will loose the bus arbitration.

This sample application simulates a babbling CAN node. The properties of the CAN frames sent are configurable via Kconfig. The frames carry no data as only the arbitration part of the CAN frame is of interest.

Being able to simulate a babbling CAN node is useful when examining the behavior of other nodes on the same CAN bus when they constantly loose bus arbitration.

The source code for this sample application can be found at: samples/drivers/can/babbling.


This sample requires a board with a CAN controller. The CAN controller must be configured using the zephyr,canbus devicetree chosen node property.

The sample supports an optional button for stopping the babbling. If present, the button must be configured using the sw0 devicetree alias, usually in the BOARD.dts file.

Building and Running

Example building for NXP TWR-KE18F:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b twr_ke18f samples/drivers/can/babbling
west flash

Sample output

*** Booting Zephyr OS build zephyr-v3.1.0-4606-g8c1efa8b96bb  ***
babbling on can@40024000 with standard (11-bit) CAN ID 0x010, RTR 0, CAN-FD 0
abort by pressing User SW3 button