nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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Device Manager

Device Manager Application Interface Abstraction. More...


 Device Manager Sequence Charts
 Service/Protocol Types
 Describes the possible types of Service/Protocol Contexts for a bonded/peer device.
 Device Manager Events
 This section describes the device manager events that are notified to the application.
 Device Manager Data Types
 This section describes all the data types exposed by the module to the application.
 Device Module APIs
 This section describes APIs exposed by the module.


#define DM_INVALID_ID   0xFF

Detailed Description

Device Manager Application Interface Abstraction.

The Device Manager module manages Active and Bonded Peers. Management of peer includes book keeping of contextual information like the Security Keys, GATT configuration and any application specific information.

Active Peers are devices which are connected, and may or may not be bonded. Bonded Peers are devices which are bonded, and may or may not be Active (Connected). Active Bonded Peer refers to a device which is connected and bonded.

Paired Devices refers to peer devices that are connected and have necessary context establishment/exchange for the current connection session. On disconnect, all contextual information is flushed. For example, SMP Information Exchanged during pairing and GATT Configuration is not retained on disconnection.

Note that this module allows management of contextual information but does not provide an interface for connection management. Therefore, entering connectible mode, connection establishment, or disconnection of a link with peer is not in scope of this module.

For bonded peers, the contextual information is required to be retained on disconnection and power cycling. Persistent storage of contextual information is handled by the module. This module categorizes the contextual information into 3 categories:

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DM_INVALID_ID   0xFF

Invalid instance idenitifer.