nRF51 SDK - S310 SoftDevice
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TX Power Service

TX Power Service module. More...

Data Structures

struct  ble_tps_init_t
 TX Power Service init structure. This contains all options and data needed for initialization of the service. More...
struct  ble_tps_t
 TX Power Service structure. This contains various status information for the service. More...


uint32_t ble_tps_init (ble_tps_t *p_hrs, const ble_tps_init_t *p_tps_init)
 Function for initializing the TX Power Service. More...
uint32_t ble_tps_tx_power_level_set (ble_tps_t *p_tps, int8_t tx_power_level)
 Function for setting the state of the Sensor Contact Detected bit. More...

Detailed Description

TX Power Service module.

This module implements the TX Power Service with the TX Power Level characteristic. During initialization it adds the TX Power Service and TX Power Level characteristic with the specified initial value to the BLE stack database.

It provides a function for letting the application update the TX Power Level characteristic.

Attention! To maintain compliance with Nordic Semiconductor ASA Bluetooth profile qualification listings, this section of source code must not be modified.

Function Documentation

uint32_t ble_tps_init ( ble_tps_t p_hrs,
const ble_tps_init_t p_tps_init 

Function for initializing the TX Power Service.

[out]p_tpsTX Power Service structure. This structure will have to be supplied by the application. It will be initialized by this function, and will later be used to identify this particular service instance.
[in]p_tps_initInformation needed to initialize the service.
NRF_SUCCESS on successful initialization of service, otherwise an error code.
uint32_t ble_tps_tx_power_level_set ( ble_tps_t p_tps,
int8_t  tx_power_level 

Function for setting the state of the Sensor Contact Detected bit.

[in]p_tpsTX Power Service structure.
[in]tx_power_levelNew TX Power Level (unit dBm, range -100 to 20).
NRF_SUCCESS on success, otherwise an error code.