nRF51 SDK - S310 SoftDevice
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AES ECB encryption

Driver for the nRF51 AES Electronic Code Book (ECB) peripheral. More...


bool nrf_ecb_init (void)
bool nrf_ecb_crypt (uint8_t *dst, const uint8_t *src)
void nrf_ecb_set_key (const uint8_t *key)

Detailed Description

Driver for the nRF51 AES Electronic Code Book (ECB) peripheral.

In order to encrypt and decrypt data the peripheral must be powered on using nrf_ecb_init() and then the key set using nrf_ecb_set_key.

Function Documentation

bool nrf_ecb_crypt ( uint8_t *  dst,
const uint8_t *  src 

Encrypt/decrypt 16-byte data using current key.

The function avoids unnecessary copying of data if the point to the correct locations in the ECB data structure.

dstResult of encryption/decryption. 16 bytes will be written.
srcSource with 16-byte data to be encrypted/decrypted.
Return values
trueIf the encryption operation completed.
falseIf the encryption operation did not complete.
bool nrf_ecb_init ( void  )

Initialize and power on the ECB peripheral.

Allocates memory for the ECBDATAPTR.

Return values
trueInitialization was successful.
falsePowering up failed.
void nrf_ecb_set_key ( const uint8_t *  key)

Set the key to be used for encryption/decryption.

keyPointer to key. 16 bytes will be read.