nRF51 SDK - S310 SoftDevice
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ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t Struct Reference

Event data for securito info request event. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

ble_gap_addr_t peer_addr
uint16_t div
uint8_t enc_info: 1
uint8_t id_info: 1
uint8_t sign_info: 1

Detailed Description

Event data for securito info request event.

Field Documentation

uint16_t ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t::div

Encryption diversifier for LTK lookup.

uint8_t ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t::enc_info

If 1, Encryption Information required.

uint8_t ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t::id_info

If 1, Identity Information required.

ble_gap_addr_t ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t::peer_addr

Bluetooth address of the peer device.

uint8_t ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t::sign_info

If 1, Signing Information required.