Developing with ZBOSS for Zigbee
zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

zb_ieee_addr_t ieee_addr
zb_uint16_t short_addr
zb_uint8_t device_type
zb_uint8_t depth
zb_uint8_t rx_on_when_idle
zb_uint8_t relationship
zb_uint8_t send_via_routing
zb_uint8_t keepalive_received
zb_uint8_t mac_iface_idx
zb_uint8_t transmit_failure_cnt
zb_uint8_t lqi
zb_int8_t rssi
zb_uint8_t outgoing_cost
zb_uint8_t age
zb_uint32_t device_timeout
zb_uint32_t timeout_counter

Field Documentation

◆ age

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::age

Counter value for router aging. The number of nwkLinkStatusPeriod intervals since a link status command was received.

◆ depth

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::depth

The network depth of this device. A value of 0x00 indicates that this device is the Zigbee coordinator for the network.

◆ device_timeout

zb_uint32_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::device_timeout

Configured end device timeout, in seconds.

◆ device_type

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::device_type

Neighbor device type -

See also

◆ ieee_addr

zb_ieee_addr_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::ieee_addr

Long address (EUI64) of the device.

◆ keepalive_received

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::keepalive_received

This value indicates at least one keepalive has been received from the end device since the router has rebooted.

◆ lqi

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::lqi

Link quality. Also used to calculate incoming cost

◆ mac_iface_idx

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::mac_iface_idx

An index into the MAC Interface Table indicating what interface the neighbour or child is bound to.

◆ outgoing_cost

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::outgoing_cost

The cost of an outgoing link. Got from link status.

◆ relationship

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::relationship

The relationship between the neighbour and the current device. This field shall be present in every neighbour table entry.

◆ rssi

zb_int8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::rssi

Received signal strength indicator

◆ rx_on_when_idle

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::rx_on_when_idle

Indicates if neighbour receiver enabled during idle periods: TRUE = Receiver is on FALSE = Receiver is off This field should be present for entries that record the parent or children of a Zigbee router or Zigbee coordinator.

◆ send_via_routing

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::send_via_routing

Due to bad link to that device send packets via NWK routing.

◆ short_addr

zb_uint16_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::short_addr

Short address (network address) of the device.

◆ timeout_counter

zb_uint32_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::timeout_counter

Timeout value ED aging, in milliseconds.

◆ transmit_failure_cnt

zb_uint8_t zb_nwk_nbr_iterator_entry_s::transmit_failure_cnt

Transmit failure counter (used to initiate device address search).

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