Developing with ZBOSS for Zigbee
zb_zdo_mgmt_leave_param_s Struct Reference

Request for Mgmt_Leave_req. More...

#include <zboss_api_zdo.h>

Data Fields

zb_ieee_addr_t device_address
zb_uint16_t dst_addr
zb_bitfield_t reserved:6
zb_bitfield_t remove_children:1
zb_bitfield_t rejoin:1

Detailed Description

Request for Mgmt_Leave_req.

See also
ZB spec, subclause

Problem in the specification: in Mgmt_Leave_req only one DeviceAddress exists. But, in such case it is impossible to satisfy "The Mgmt_Leave_req is generated from a Local Device requesting that a Remote Device leave the network or to request that another device leave the network." Also, in the PRO TC document, 14.2TP/NWK/BV-04 ZR-ZDO-APL RX Join/Leave is following note: "gZC sends Mgmt_Leave.request with DevAddr=all zero, DstAddr=ZR"

Field Documentation

◆ device_address

zb_ieee_addr_t zb_zdo_mgmt_leave_param_s::device_address

64-bit IEEE address

◆ dst_addr

zb_uint16_t zb_zdo_mgmt_leave_param_s::dst_addr

Destination address. Not defined in the specification - let's it be short address

◆ rejoin

zb_bitfield_t zb_zdo_mgmt_leave_param_s::rejoin


◆ remove_children

zb_bitfield_t zb_zdo_mgmt_leave_param_s::remove_children

Remove children

◆ reserved

zb_bitfield_t zb_zdo_mgmt_leave_param_s::reserved


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