Developing with ZBOSS for Zigbee
Application structure & commissioning start


 General parameters to be set before start
 ZBOSS kernel initialization and start
 ZBOSS main loop
 ZBOSS commissioning signals handler
 Get general parameters
 NWK Address translation table access


#define MAIN()   main(a,v)
#define MAIN_RETURN(retc)   return (retc)

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAIN ( )    main(a,v)

ZBOSS application entry point.

Application program using ZBOSS must use MAIN() as an entry point and do not implement function main(). At some, but not at all platforms MAIN() is an alias for main().


#define MAIN_RETURN (   retc)    return (retc)

Return statement of ZBOSS application entry point. Corresponds to exit() call from main(). Platform-dependent.