nrfx use example


This sample demonstrates the usage of nrfx library in Zephyr. GPIOTE and DPPI/PPI are used as examples of nrfx drivers.

The code shows how to initialize the GPIOTE interrupt in Zephyr so that the nrfx_gpiote driver can use it. Additionally, it shows how the DPPI/PPI subsystem can be used to connect tasks and events of nRF peripherals, enabling those peripherals to interact with each other without any intervention from the CPU.

Zephyr GPIO driver is disabled to prevent it from registering its own handler for the GPIOTE interrupt. Button 1 is configured to create an event when pushed. This calls the button_handler() callback and triggers the LED 1 pin OUT task. LED is then toggled.

Please note that no debouncing mechanism is used for the button, so it may happen that one press results in multiple events. And because the event-task connection is handled in hardware, for very fast coming events, toggling of the LED may sometimes be even unnoticeable.


This sample has been tested on the NordicSemiconductor nRF9160 DK (nrf9160dk_nrf9160) and nRF52840 DK (nrf52840dk_nrf52840) boards.

Building and Running

The code can be found in samples/boards/nrf/nrfx.

To build and flash the application:

west build -b nrf9160dk_nrf9160 samples/boards/nrf/nrfx
west flash

Push Button 1 to toggle the LED 1.

Connect to the serial port - notice that each time the button is pressed, the button_handler() function is called.

See nrfx_repository for more information about nrfx.