Bluetooth: Isochronous Channels


iso --help
iso - Bluetooth ISO shell commands
   cig_create  :[dir=tx,rx,txrx] [interval] [packing] [framing] [latency] [sdu]
               [phy] [rtn]
   cig_term    :Terminate the CIG
   connect     :Connect ISO Channel
   listen      :<dir=tx,rx,txrx> [security level]
   send        :Send to ISO Channel [count]
   disconnect  :Disconnect ISO Channel
   create-big  :Create a BIG as a broadcaster [enc <broadcast code>]
   broadcast   :Broadcast on ISO channels
   sync-big    :Synchronize to a BIG as a receiver <BIS bitfield> [mse] [timeout]
               [enc <broadcast code>]
   term-big    :Terminate a BIG
  1. [Central] Create CIG:

Requires to be connected:

uart:~$ iso cig_create
CIG created
  1. [Peripheral] Listen to ISO connections

uart:~$ iso listen txrx
  1. [Central] Connect ISO channel:

uart:~$ iso connect
ISO Connect pending...
ISO Channel 0x20000f88 connected
  1. Send data:

uart:~$ iso send
send: 40 bytes of data
ISO sending...
  1. Disconnect ISO channel:

uart:~$ iso disconnect
ISO Disconnect pending...
ISO Channel 0x20000f88 disconnected with reason 0x16