Bluetooth: Broadcast Audio Profile Scan Delegator

This document describes how to run the Scan Delegator functionality, Note that in the examples below, some lines of debug have been removed to make this shorter and provide a better overview.

The Scan Delegator may optionally support the periodic advertisements synchronization transfer (PAST) protocol.

The Scan Delegator server typically resides on devices that have inputs or outputs.

It is necessary to have BT_DEBUG_BAP_SCAN_DELEGATOR enabled for using the Scan Delegator interactively.

The Scan Delegator can currently only set the sync state of a receive state, but does not actually support syncing with periodic advertisements yet.

bap_scan_delegator --help
bap_scan_delegator - Bluetooth BAP Scan Delegator shell commands
   init    :Initialize the service and register callbacks
   synced  :Set server scan state <src_id> <pa_synced> <bis_syncs> <enc_state>

Example Usage


uart:~$ bt init
uart:~$ bt advertise on
Advertising started

When connected

Set sync state for a source:

uart:~$ bap_scan_delegator synced 0 1 3 0