Sensor Shell Module Sample


This is a simple shell module to get data from sensors presented in the system.

Building and Running

Build the sample app by choosing the target board that has sensors drivers enabled, for example:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b reel_board samples/sensor/sensor_shell
west flash

Shell Module Command Help

sensor - Sensor commands
  get   :Get sensor data. Channel names are optional. All channels are read when
         no channels are provided. Syntax:
         <device_name> <channel name 0> .. <channel name N>
  info  :Get sensor info, such as vendor and model name, for all sensors.

get: prints all the sensor channels data for a given sensor device name. Optionally, a single channel name or index can be passed to be printed out. The device name and channel name are autocompleted.

Output example (reel_board):

uart:~$ sensor get mma8652fc@1d
channel idx=0 accel_x =   0.000000
channel idx=1 accel_y =   0.268150
channel idx=2 accel_z =   9.959878
channel idx=3 accel_xyz x =   0.000000 y =   0.268150 z =   9.959878

uart:~$ sensor get mma8652fc@1d accel_z
channel idx=2 accel_z =   9.959878

uart:~$ sensor get mma8652fc@1d 2
channel idx=2 accel_z =   9.959878


A valid sensor device name should be passed otherwise you will get an undefined behavior like hardware exception. This happens because the shell subsystem runs in supervisor mode where API callbacks are not checked before being called.

info: prints vendor, model, and friendly name information for all sensors. This command depends on enabling CONFIG_SENSOR_INFO.

uart:~$ sensor info
device name: apds9960@39, vendor: Avago Technologies, model: apds9960, friendly name: (null)
device name: mma8652fc@1d, vendor: NXP Semiconductors, model: fxos8700, friendly name: (null)
device name: ti_hdc@43, vendor: Texas Instruments, model: hdc, friendly name: (null)
device name: temp@4000c000, vendor: Nordic Semiconductor, model: nrf-temp, friendly name: (null)