ams iAQcore Indoor air quality sensor


This sample application demonstrates how to use the ams iAQcore sensor to measure CO2 equivalent and VOC. The CO2 value is a predicted value derived from VOC. The values are fetched and printed every second.

Building and Running

This sample application uses the sensor connected to the i2c stated in the iaq_core.overlay file. Flash the binary to a board of choice with a sensor connected. This sample can run on every board with i2c. For example build for a nucleo_f446re board:

west build -b nucleo_f446re samples/sensor/ams_iAQcore
west flash

Sample Output

device is 0x20001a08, name is IAQ_CORE
Co2: 882.000000ppm; VOC: 244.000000ppb
Co2: 863.000000ppm; VOC: 239.000000ppb
Co2: 836.000000ppm; VOC: 232.000000ppb