nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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oGetting Started
|oRunning a first example
|oRunning examples that use a SoftDevice
|oRunning a serialized application
|\Using the SDK with other boards
oHardware Drivers
|oSPI Master
|oSPI Slave
|oBLE libraries
||oDebug Assert Handler
||oBLE Device Manager
||oDTM - Direct Test Mode
||oError LogModule for writing error and stack to flash memory
||oRadio Notification Event Handler
||\BSP BLE Button Module
|oBLE Serialization
||oConnectivity Chip
||oSerialization Codecs
||oSerialization PHY
||oSerialization HAL Transport
||\Porting serialization libraries
|oRTOS support
||\RTX Support
|oTransport Services
||oHCI transport library
||oMemory pool library
||\SLIP handling librarySLIP layer for supporting packet framing in HCI transport
|oSoftDevice Handler LibraryThis library is used for initializing and disabling the SoftDevice and also propagating SoftDevice events to the application
|oButton handling library
|oFIFO library
|oSchedule handling libraryThe scheduler is used for transferring execution from the interrupt context to the main context
|oTimer library
|oSimple timer
|oGPIOTE handling library
|oMemory Manager
|oPWM library
|oFlash handling library
|oPersistent Storage Manager
|oDebug Logger
|oError module
|oSensor Data SimulatorFunctions for simulating sensor data
|\SHA-256 hash computation
 oBLE Central
 |oBLE Heart Rate Collector Example
 |\BLE Multi-link Example
 oDirect Test Mode
 oHardware Peripheral Examples
 |oBlinky Example
 |oBlinky RTX Example
 |oADC HAL Example
 |oBSP Example
 |oClock Example
 |oFlash Write Example
 |oGPIOTE Example
 |oLPCOMP Example
 |oRadio Receiver Example
 |oRadio Transmitter Example
 |oPin Change Interrupt Example
 |oPPI Example
 |oPWM Example
 |oQDEC Example
 |oRadio Test Example
 |oRAM Retention Example
 |oRandom Number Generator Example
 |oReal Time Counter Example
 |oSPI Master Loopback Example
 |oSPI Master Example to be used with SPI Slave Example
 |oSPI Slave Example
 |oTemperature Example
 |oTimer Example
 |oSimple Timer Example
 |oWDT Example
 |oUART Example
 |\UICR Config Example
 \Board-specific indications and states