nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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Database Discovery

Database discovery module. More...



Detailed Description

Database discovery module.

This module contains the APIs and types exposed by the DB Discovery module. These APIs and types can be used by the application to perform discovery of a service and its characteristics at the peer server. This module can also be used to discover the desired services in multiple remote devices. A typical use of this library is described in the figure below.

The maximum number of characteristics per service that can be discovered by this module is indicated by the value of BLE_DB_DISCOVERY_MAX_CHAR_PER_SRV. If the peer has more than the supported number of characteristics, then the first found will be discovered and any further characteristics will be ignored. No descriptors other than Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptors will be searched for at the peer.
Presently only one instance of a Primary Service can be discovered by this module. If there are multiple instances of the service at the peer, only the first instance of it at the peer is fetched and returned to the application.
The application must propagate BLE stack events to this module by calling ble_db_discovery_on_ble_evt().