Developing with ZBOSS for Zigbee
NCP Host release notes

This page lists all relevant changes for each release of the ZBOSS NCP Host.

ZBOSS NCP Host v1.0.0

This is a production-ready release of the ZBOSS NCP Host package.

New Features:

  • [ZBS-168] Allow a user to send customer-specified NCP commands
  • [ZBS-169] Add getting active nodes API
  • [ZOI-817] Implement NCP commands and adapters for Inter-PAN communication


  • [ZOI-861] Deadlock in NCP frame fragmentation logic

ZBOSS NCP Host v0.9.5

  • Added simple_gw application for a Gateway (Zigbee Coordinator) with the following ZCL clusters:
    • On/Off Switch Config (s)
    • Identify (s/c)
    • Basic (s)
    • On/Off (c)
    • Scenes (c)
    • Groups (c)
    • IAS Zone (c)
  • Updated the ZBOSS source code to the zoi_release-
  • Updated the platform source code to the zoi_release-2.1.1
  • Built using platform_ncs in version v3.0.0
  • Added support for reading NCP firmware version on ncp host side
  • Added support for handling lack of NCP TX buffers in APSDE-DATA requests
  • Added new return statuses for ncp_ll_quant
  • Rearranged GET NWK KEYS response result to set current NWK key at the first place
  • Added support for auto-polling for ED timeout response
  • Added LQI and RSSI in Network discovery response
  • Fixed NCP host assertions if the Reset Request is retransmitted
  • Fixed implementation of ring buffer macro ZB_RING_BUFFER_BATCH_PUT
  • Removed inconsistency in the usage of the ZB_[H,LE]TO[LE,H][16,32]_ONPLACE macros
  • Fixed incorrect key value in Get APS key by IEEE response
  • Aligned ZED name in onoff_server with the name described in readme.txt
  • Fixed incorrect initial value for ZB current channel, when requested before setting a channel

Known issues

  • The NCP protocol does not support controlling LEDs or reading buttons from the NCP SoC.
  • Getting neighbor's LQI and RSSI (zb_zdo_get_diag_data()) is not implemented.

ZBOSS NCP Host v0.9.4

  • All samples updated to use the 16th IEEE 802.15.4 channel.
  • Renamed ZBOSS NCP Host SDK to ZBOSS NCP Host.

Known issues

  • The NCP protocol does not support controlling LEDs or reading buttons from the NCP SoC.
  • Getting neighbor's LQI and RSSI (zb_zdo_get_diag_data()) is not implemented.

ZBOSS NCP Host SDK v0.9.3

  • Added support for Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52833 DK.
  • Updated the source code to work with the ZBOSS v3.5.0.0.
  • Added MCUboot USB bootloader support in the NCP firmware files for DKs that use USB as the communication channel.
  • Added support for NVRAM.
  • Added support for ZCL reporting.
  • Added support for production configuration.
  • Added support for poll interval management.
  • Added support for APS group management.
  • Added support for descriptor management.
  • Added support for setting the maximum children value.
  • Added support for Trust Center policy setting.
  • Added support for PAN ID conflict resolution.
  • Added support for Many To One Route Requests.
  • Added support for Device Authorized, Device Update and Leave signals.

Known issues

ZBOSS NCP Host SDK v0.9.2

This is the initial release of the ZBOSS NCP Host SDK for nRF52840 DK and nRF52840 Dongle. The SDK is based on the ZBOSS stack v3.3.0.5+11_03_2020.

Known issues

  • zb_nlme_leave_request is not implemented.
  • Lack of NCP transport buffers may cause the device to fail. To avoid this issue, increase the TX_BUFFERS_POOL_SIZE value in src/ncp/high_level/host/ncp_host_hl_proto.c and rebuild the NCP Host.
  • NVRAM is not implemented.
  • ZCL reporting is not supported.
  • Production configuration is not supported.
  • Poll Interval Management is not supported.
  • APS Group Management is not supported.
  • Descriptor management is not supported.
  • Setting the maximum children value is not supported.
  • Some of the Trust Center policy setters (like enabling legacy device support) are not supported.
  • Device Updated and Device Authorized signals are not generated.
  • Getting neighbor's LQI and RSSI (zb_zdo_get_diag_data()) is not implemented.
  • Unsolicited rejoins can be handled incorrectly.