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zb_zcl_price_get_scheduled_prices_payload_s Struct Reference

GetScheduledPrices Command Payload Format More...

#include <zb_zcl_price.h>

Data Fields

zb_uint32_t start_time
zb_uint8_t number_of_events

Detailed Description

GetScheduledPrices Command Payload Format

See also
SE spec, D.

Field Documentation

◆ number_of_events

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_price_get_scheduled_prices_payload_s::number_of_events

NumberOfEvents represents the maximum number of events to be sent.

Value 0 indicates no maximum limit.

◆ start_time

zb_uint32_t zb_zcl_price_get_scheduled_prices_payload_s::start_time

StartTime represents the minimum ending time for any scheduled or currently active pricing events to be resent.

Value 0x00000000 will be replaced with the current time stamp.

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