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zb_zcl_price_ack_payload_s Struct Reference

PriceAcknowledgement Command payload More...

#include <zb_zcl_price.h>

Data Fields

zb_uint32_t provider_id
zb_uint32_t issuer_event_id
zb_uint32_t current_time
zb_uint8_t price_control

Detailed Description

PriceAcknowledgement Command payload

See also
SE spec, D.

Field Documentation

◆ current_time

zb_uint32_t zb_zcl_price_ack_payload_s::current_time

UTCTime field containing the current time as determined by the device.

◆ issuer_event_id

zb_uint32_t zb_zcl_price_ack_payload_s::issuer_event_id

Unique identifier generated by the commodity provider. allows devices to determine which pricing information is newer.

◆ price_control

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_price_ack_payload_s::price_control

Identifies additional control options (PriceAcknowledgement policy and total number of tier flag).

◆ provider_id

zb_uint32_t zb_zcl_price_ack_payload_s::provider_id

Unique identifier for the commodity provider.

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