Developing with ZBOSS for Zigbee


 ZGP common definitions

Detailed Description

ZBOSS stack implements Zigbee Green Power basic functionality set and provides API for Green Power Sink. ZGP Sink API is used for Green Power Combo Basic devices. Zigbee Green Power Proxy role is enabled in every ZBOSS build, which means that each Zigbee Router and Zigbee Coordinator is also a Green Power Proxy device, all needed actions as a Green Power Proxy device are performed by ZBOSS stack internally.

Basic terms

During commissioning ZGPD reports his device ID. ZGPS should check if there are appropriate local endpoints, which can communicate with such ZGPD device ID. This process is called ZGPS functionality matching. Matching table declares for each supported ZGPD device ID there are requirements to local endpoint in order to ZGPS functionality matching to succeed.